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ImageSpecific rules regarding saddlery for Pony Club are set out in the Blue Book but as a general rule, permission for any unusual saddlery must be obtained from the Club Chief Instructor. This type of saddlery mainly includes bits other than snaffles.

For Pony Club competitions such as dressage and Closed Gymkhanas, only snaffle bits are permitted. If you have any queries regarding saddlery, contact your Chief Instructor or Club Captain, or consult the Blue Book.

When purchasing saddlery for Pony Club, similar guidelines as for the purchasing of horses should be followed. The rider’s interests must be taken into account, and a margin left in case their interests change. For example, an all-purpose saddle is far more suitable for a beginner than is a straight dressage saddle or jumping saddle, as all Pony Club activities can be done in the all-purpose saddle.

As the price of saddlery is expensive, choose carefully and look after it; if you do, it can last a life-time. If you wish to buy second-hand saddlery, ask around and look at the Club noticeboard. Somebody nearly always has something to sell.

ImageNote: The friendly staff at the Terrey Hills Saddlery stock both new and used saddles, as well as the Forest Hills Pony Club saddle blankets and ties. They are well versed in Pony Club requirements! Please support them as much as possible as they have supported Forest Hills Pony Club for many years.