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1. The Uniform Shop is open each Rally Day for half hour before gear check and closes at the commencement of troop drill.  Winter- 9am-10am,  Summer- 8:00am - 9:00am

2. Look in the for sale section of the website for second hand garments as often the children out grow their shirts and jumpers before they wear them out. If you don’t want to sell the clothes yourself, they can be donated to the FHPC, and added to the clothing pool.

3. The uniform changes from summer to winter and back at the same time as the schools. So the easy way to remember what to wear to pony club is ask “are schools wearing summer or winter uniform”.

4. At all Pony Club competitions and zone events (except sporting & Mounted Games) you need to wear your long sleeve shirt and white tie uniform.

5. Most State Events have merchandise for sale and these are suitable to wear at informal training sessions.