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Forest Hills is the only pony club in the Warringah Area and one of the largest clubs on the Northern Beaches that offers: Showjumping, Dressage, Sporting, Mounted Games, Cross Country, Eventing, Polocrosse and Horseball.

Our facilities at JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve include: Full size dressage arena with lights, large cross country course with a big water jump, largest dedicated equestrian grounds on the Northern beaches with lights and a club house.

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ImageDuring your first few months at Pony Club you are bound to be confused - You’re in a new environment with new people and new things to learn. The language and terms used make you feel that people are speaking a different language. What should you or shouldn’t you do?

The structure and organisation of Pony Club will seem complex and a little daunting, but with a little explanation it all falls into place, just like a jigsaw puzzle. This section is intended to help you put the pieces together. Hopefully after reading this, you should have a bit of an idea of what happens.





ImageAll Pony Clubs join together to form the Pony Club Association of NSW.

At the head of the Association is the State Executive- It deals with matters concerning the overall management of Pony Clubs at State level; including such issues as insurance; government funding; legal matters, and general issues affecting all clubs- They set down policies on safety, rules, dress etc. for all the clubs in the State to follow- They also publish books such as “Riding” and “The Handbook” (often referred to as “the Blue Book”), which are the manuals for Pony Clubs. A percentage of the fees paid by members are sent to the State Association to cover the costs of insurance and day-to-day running of the State Pony Club Association.

The next level of administration is the Zone. All Pony Clubs in NSW are llocated to one of the 28 zones in the state. The clubs in each zone elect a committee for the zone, and delegates to the State Association. The zone committee has a number of functions which include organisation of zone competitions (including the Jamboree), selection of teams to compete at State Championships, and the training and appointment of instructors. The zone also represents the views of member clubs at State level. The zones are also divided into six Areas; these are only to help in the selection of teams for major events such as Showjumping for the Royal Easter Show and for the running of competitions such as the John Charlton Day, where a representative from each club is sent to compete. Areas serve no administrative purpose.

ImageForest Hills Pony Club is a member of Zone 23.

The other clubs in the zone are: Arcadia, Avondale, Dural, Manly-Warringah, and Ryde.

Under the zone level are the individual clubs. Within each club is a committee who are in charge of the general running of the club. for example paying bills, collecting fees. distributing newsletters and information, organising competitions, etc. The committee selects two delegates who represent the views of the club at Zone meetings. At Forest Hills, the committee is elected at the end of each year at the Annual General Meeting, held in conjunction with the Annual Presentation Day.

Rally Days are organised by the instructors, under the guidance of the Club Senior Instructor. Pony Clubs are not generally allowed to use professional instructors, so the instructors are parents who have learnt more about riding and have volunteered to help out. To become an instructor you need to attend a course organised by the Zone, pass a written (open-book) exam, and help out at Club Rally Days. Clubs always need more instructors, and can provide further information and tell you about upcoming courses. This is a great way to learn about horses and riding, so that you can help children better.