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Forest Hills is the only pony club in the Warringah area. We have the largest dedicated equestrian grounds on the Northern Beaches.

Our facilities at JJ Melbourne Memorial Reserve include a full size sand dressage arena with lights, large cross country course with a big water jump, ample float parking, a canteen and a club house.

We enjoy all sorts of equestrian activities such as:

  • Showjumping
  • Dressage
  • Sporting
  • Mounted Games
  • Cross Country
  • Eventing
  • Polocrosse
  • Horseball

New members, of any ability, and any age from 6 to 25, are more than welcome. You will need to own or lease a horse, however if you don't have one yet our members have lots of contacts who may be able to help you find one.

If you're not sure whether pony club is for you why not visit us on one of our rally days, or organise a come and try day with our Senior Instructor Victoria Temm on 0408 269 712.

For all the latest news, calendar and contacts please visit our facebook page.



Our code of conduct is governed by Pony Club NSW.  

It can be found at: http://pcansw.org.au/policies/policy-documents


Zone 23 Showjumping at Forest Hills May 26. Let us know you’re coming and find out more!  https://www.facebook.com/events/426838334740712/?ti=icl



Forest Hills Pony Club is a registered activity provider of the NSW Active Kids Program.  

Parents, guardians and carers can apply for a voucher valued up to $100 per calendar year for each student enrolled in school.

The voucher may be used at any time during the calendar year that it was issued with a registered activity provider for registration, participation and membership costs for sport, fitness and active recreation activities.

You can find out how to apply for your $100 voucher via this link:


Member news is updated on the FHPC facebook members page regularly 

General news updates are on the Forest Hills Pony Club facebook site

The NSW Pony Club facebook page has updates on state competitions and camps

Forest Hills Pony Club is hosting the Zone 23 Showjumping Championships on May 26th, 2019!  
Don’t miss this fun event!

Led & Assisted (poles) & F Grade Riders

A2 (238.2.1 – no jump off – closest to optimum wins) Accumulator (FEI Article 269)

E & D Grade Riders 

A2(238.2.1 – no jump off – closest to optimum wins) AM7 (FEI Article 238.2.2 and 245.3 – closest to optimum wins)  Accumulator (FEI Article 269)

C, B, A Grade Riders

A2 (FEI Article 238.2.1) AM7 (FEI Article 238.2.2 and 245.3) Accumulator (FEI Article 269) 

Entry Fees Led/Assisted & F Grade $40.00 per rider (2 rounds, every rider gets a ribbon)

E,D,C,B,A Grades $55.00 per rider (3 rounds, ribbons to 6th place, Champ/Reserve awarded) 

ENTRIES CLOSE: 22nd May Please scan and forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course walk at 8.30am for 9.00am start

FULL PONY CLUB UNIFORM (SHIRT AND TIE) TO BE WORN. Draw will be emailed. All classes will be conducted under Pony Club rules. You must have completed 3 rally days in the last 12 months, hold a grading card for your current level, and be a Financial Pony Club Member for 2019. Approval will be sought from the Senior Instructor.

Enquires to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Entry Form is here: Zone 23 Showjumping Championships 2019 Entry Form



Do you want to become a qualified pony club instructor?

Our club needs more accredited pony club instructors. Upon successful completion of the pony club instructor course you will have achieved the required standard as outlined by the Australian Sports Commission as a coach registered with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).

Our club runs regular courses dependant on demand. 

The course requires that you complete a work book, which is then submitted to PCA NSW, and attend an assessment conducted by PCA NSW. The work book is completed during a few evening meetings with your mentor and the other candidates. Your mentor will support you all the way.

You can do it!

For more information talk to our Club Captain Ian Charnaud.